Surprising uses of coffee grounds you may not know

Coffee goes from the beverage to many people’s hobby. They drink coffee on a regular basis every day. But not many people know that there are many, many surprising uses of coffee grounds. Today, we together explore these useful way for the better life. So, let us read following article.

Coffee grounds for the beauty

Coffee grounds for the beauty

Exfoliating your skin: Exfoliating let dead skin cell go. It helps the skin soak in the moisturizer better. New & healthy skin cells develop. It means you have the healthier skin.
The coffee grounds is one of the perfect ingredients for a great exfoliator. To exfoliate skin by coffee ground you need to mix it with honey to create a scrub. You use this scrub for your face as well as body. Your skin is kept smooth. However be careful if your skin is sensitive because coffee ground may be harsh a bit on delicate skin.

Brighten skin: When you mix antioxidant-rich coffee grounds and fatty-acid rich olive oil, you will have a mixture that can rejuvenate healthy & glowing skin. Antioxidants in coffee grounds protect skin from free radical damage & help fight aging.

Use this mixture for your face skin, avoid the eye area, gently massage the blend onto facial skin about 30 seconds before removing it. However you have to be sure that you pat remaining olive oil in the right way to impart moisture.

Shiny & smooth hair with coffee grounds

Do you know the effect of coffee grounds to hair? Maybe, you feel it is not impossible for this. How to do that? I know, you will be confused. But it is true. You can use coffee grounds to care your hair. The exfoliating & stimulating of coffee is the key for this.

Mix coffee grounds with conditioner, scrub your scalp for a few minutes, how do you feel? Feeling great, right? And your new hair growth can be stimulated by the caffeine. Apply this method once a week to have the best result. But a small warning: don’t forget to place a catch over the shower drain to avoid clogging the pipes.

Foot scrub with coffee grounds: if you mix coffee grounds with coconut oil instead of olive oil, the mixture you have will offer benefits to your feet. Antioxidant in coffee repairs & revitalize damaged skin cells while coconut oil gives extra moisturizing effect to have soft & supple skin.

Coffee ground for gardening

Coffee ground for gardening

Coffee grounds have benefits to the beauty as we mentioned above. Besides these, there are many interesting use for the gardening.

You can coffee grounds as fertilizer

How to do? You can place coffee ground straight onto the soil where you plant something.

Fertilizer from coffee ground adds organic metal to the soil but it is impossible for it to add nitrogen to the soil immediately. Adding organic metal will improve drainage, water retention.

Coffee ground used as fertilizer attract earthworm as well as microorganisms which beneficial to plan growth.

Using coffee ground as mulch

To perk up your soil in the garden by the cheap & effective way, please use coffee grounds as mulch. Using coffee ground means you are giving the soil texture.

Layer from coffee ground creates a water resistant crust on the top of your garden soil, increase soil temperature because of the high nitrogen content which allows seeds to germinate more quickly & successfully.

Suppress fungal disease for plants in the garden

The grounds are anti microbial. Coffee ground – a organic metal rots in the soil, it can prevent diseases such as fusarium, pythium taking hold. And the growth’s E.Coli or Staphylococus is slowed, even stopped.

With our information above, surely, you now realized that how wonderful the coffee ground is. Not only for the beauty, but for gardening, coffee grounds offer many benefits. Coffee is the beverage, a hobby & coffee grounds are the beauty treatment, the fertilizer.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Coffee You Should Not Be Overlooked

Pure coffee possesses many great uses for health if you use it properly. Coffee is known as a popular drink all over the world, so how many cups of coffee a day help you improve your health? You better consult the top 10 health benefits of coffee as following to learn more about the great benefits of this drink.

Top 10 health benefits of coffee you should not be overlooked

health benefits of coffee

Studies show that coffee offers many benefits especially well to the health of drinkers.

Pain relief

If you’ve just started exercising, gym and have muscle aches, use 2 cups of coffee to relieve pain. Caffeine in coffee has the potential for effective muscle pain relief, and many studies have concluded this.

Coffee has many great uses for health, one of which is to help reduce pain effectively

Increase fiber to your body

What are some health benefits of coffee? One of those is increase fiber intake for your body. In a cup of brewed coffee containing 1.8 grams of fiber, doctors recommend each person should intake about 20-38 grams of fiber. So you can use coffee to supplement your fiber intake.

Limit cirrhosis

If you want to limit cirrhosis, you must first stop drinking alcohol. You can also add 1 to 2 cups of coffee to help protect your liver, coffee has the effect of reducing liver enzyme levels very well.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

If you take 6 cups of coffee a day, it will reduce your risk of diabetes by 22%. Specifically, taking a certain amount of coffee will help you reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 9%. And decaf Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes by 6% per cup.

Taking 6 cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of diabetes by 22%

Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s

Many studies have shown that coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Accumulation of the plaque of the brain causes the disease, and coffee is used to destroy the formation of plaques, limiting the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduce the risk of depression

Depression is the leading cause of suicide, stress can make people feel tired and just want to end their life. You can combine yoga, meditation to improve health and drink coffee every day to reduce the risk of depression.
A 10-year study found that drinking coffee reduced the risk of suicide. And the study also found that drinking an average of 4 cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of depression by as much as 20 percent.

Against Parkinson’s disease

A survey found that people with Parkinson’s often have less or no coffee. If you do not have lung cancer, you can choose to drink coffee to improve your health and improve your ability to fight Parkinson’s disease. Cigarettes are also useful in this, but the ingredients in cigarettes are not good for health at all. Coffee also works against this disease even if there have genetic factors.

Reduces risk of heart disease

A study in South Korea found that those who consume between three and five cups of coffee a day are less likely to develop heart disease. You should combine a healthy diet with enough coffee every day to improve your heart health. Another study in Brazil also demonstrated that coffee has the potential to reduce calcification in coronary arteries.

Regular coffee drinkers have stronger DNA than others

One study found that people who drink coffee have a much stronger DNA structure than others. The white blood cells of regular coffee drinkers rarely have their spontaneous DNA strand breakage.

Reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis

If you use 4 cups of coffee a day, you will have less risk of developing and recurring of multiple sclerosis. Cases of nerve inflammation can cause this disease, and coffee is used to limit the occurrence of nerve inflammation.
Here are the top 10 health benefits of coffee you should not miss, in addition to coffee there are many other great uses for health. Typically, the risk of colorectal cancer or the formation of lung cancer is reduced. You can learn more about the right amount intake of coffee to drink each day to improve your health.

How to lighten skin with coffee effectively?

Do you know? Skin is the most important factor for our beauty. If you have a white skin, you can impress others easily. However, if unfortunately you have a bad skin, don’t worry because you can improve your skin with a variety of treatments. One of the best ways to lighten skin is to use coffee regularly. We will show you three different ways to improve your skin with coffee.

improve your skin with coffee

Lighten skin with coffee and coconut oil

There are many women who have used this method to lighten skin. The results show that their skin has changed positively from one to two tone thanks to the combination of coffee and coconut oil. While coffee can limit the appearance of dark pigmentation such as freckles, coconut oil can make the skin smooth and healthy.

Mix coffee with coconut oil to make your skin beautiful
To be able to lighten skin with coffee and coconut oil, you must follow our skin care procedures below:
– Step 1: Preparation.
50g coffee
5 teaspoons of coconut oil

– Step 2: Mix the coffee and coconut oil with each other.
After preparing the ingredients, mix the coffee and coconut oil together. The mixture have to be done well and smooth. It is used for bathing.

– Step 3: Clean and massage body by mixture of coffee and coconut oil.
During body cleansing, use this mixture to massage gently your body into a circular motion. You can massage your body within 30 minutes and bathe with warm water later. You should follow this procedure one to two times per week to keep the skin soft, bright and natural.

Lighten skin with coffee and milk

In addition to coconut oil, we can lighten skin with a mixture of coffee and milk. Fresh milk contains many good ingredients for the skin. It can lighten skin and bring full of vitality to your skin.

Not only the combination of coffee and coconut oil, the combination of coffee with fresh milk is worth to try
To lighten skin with coffee and milk, you must do the following step:

– Step 1: Preparation.
50g coffee
150ml fresh milk

– Step 2: Mix the coffee and milk with each other.
After preparing the ingredients, mix the coffee and fresh milk together. The mixture have to be smooth and done greatly. It is used for bathing, same as you used the mixture between coffee and coconut oil.

– Step 3: Clean and massage body by mixture of coffee and fresh milk.
This mixture works best when apply and body massage. So, you can rub the mixture on the skin, massage gently for 30 minutes and then shower with warm water. You have to use this mixture for 2-3 weeks to see good results. If you are allergic to coffee or milk, you can replace it with other ingredients.

Exfoliating – skin lightening with coffee

Coffee can lighten skin through the exfoliate periodically. Long-term contact with the surrounding environment will make your skin be darken. To overcome this, you must regularly exfoliate. One of the ingredients that you can use to exfoliate is coffee.

Exfoliation is one of the skin lightening methods you should apply
To exfoliate with coffee, simply blend the coffee with warm water. Use this mixture to exfoliate your hands and feet first, then exfoliate in the remaining areas. Coffee not only cleanses but also soothes the skin because it contains many other nutrients.
That is the way to exfoliate the body with coffee. For face exfoliation, you can apply the following masking method:

– Step 1: Preparation.
1 small spoonful of coffee.
2 egg white.

– Step 2: Mix coffee and egg whites
After you have prepared the ingredients, mix them together. This mixture must be thick and thin. When applying the mixture on face, it should be on the face without falling down.

– Step 3: Apply this mixture to face.
For facial scrubs, apply this mixture to your face and massage gently for 15 minutes. After that, you can wash your face with warm water. The dead cells were removed from the facial skin. You should use 1 to 2 times per week to clean and lighten skin effectively.
All skin lightening methods are easy to implement and very safe. You should maintain the process of lightening the skin regularly to see the amazing results.

Hope our sharing of lightening skin with coffee is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us!